Enterprise agricultural analytics platform

Aerial Intelligence helps procurement and agricultural sourcing professionals curtail potential supply-chain risks that cause gaps in production! Using state-of-the-art data science, our enterprise platform analyzes global croplands to improve crop yields, traceability, and food quality for all mankind.

The real Ag analytics plaform!

Gain insights into the what matters to you. In depth analysis on the factors influencing your production. Compare your performance against the local or national market to see how you stack up.

Transact in the Market confidentialy & intelligently, seizing on new oppurtunities and avoiding common pitfalls.

Geospatial Insights!

The first to provide real geospatial insights that give users actual data analytocs, finally you will understand what all those colors mean and how your impacted!

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Customizable Analysis Dashboards

All appointments sync with your Google calendar so your availability is always up to date. See your schedule at a glance from any device.

Multiple Crops Available in the USA

Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, & Potatoes with more being added every month. Additional crops currently available in regions outside the USA. Contact us for access.

Complete Ag Analysis

Yield & Acreage forecasts, disease detection, weather impact monitoring are just the start to our suite of tools.

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