Global analytics for
agricultural commodities

State-of-the-art data platform for the agricultural commodities supply chain.

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All your data in one platform

Monitor agricultural supply in real-time with our data and analytics platform. Stay on top of in-season events as they happen, from droughts to government reports.

Worldwide coverage

Easily leverage disparate data sources from around the world, including remote sensing, IoT, weather, and government statistics.

Better, just for you

Want to unlock the insights hiding in your data? Securely integrate your proprietary data with our platform to run bespoke models, track custom interest, receive better forecasts, and more.

Get answers before you ask questions.

  • Real-time insights

    Will a hailstorm in Canada affect wheat futures prices? Easily view the estimated damage, acreage at risk, and compare price movement with analog years. Aerial Intelligence transforms petabytes of remote sensing and weather data into actionable insights to help you retain an edge.


Let our data guide you through uncertainty.

  • Turn intuition or anecdotal evidence into decisions using the best data available

    See how flooding, drought, and other adverse conditions might affect your commodities. Combine our state-of-the-art in-season acreage maps for global grain and oilseeds with weather data with a click. Then, analyze changes in accumulated precipitation and soil moisture between now and last week, or last year.


Easily access, visualize, and interpret your data.

  • Gain convenient access to a vast array of commodities data, including crop condition, crop progress, acreage estimates, and yield trends from around the world.

  • Intuitively gather, combine, and analyze public data at scale, or securely bring your internal data to derive powerful insights and improved predictive analytics for your custom needs.